How to use this form

Completion of this online form will help Island Health Communicable Disease Program monitor for seasonal influenza and other diseases in the community.This online form is to be completed by the school principal or designate on each day when the school absenteeism rate is significantly increased. A guideline for determining 'significantly increased' is approximately 10% above the normal rate of absenteeism for the time of year.

Absenteeism for reasons other than illness are not reportable, e.g. school field trips. If the reason for absenteeism is unknown, please make an attempt to investigate so you are able to provide this information. When you are finished completing the online form please ensure to click the 'submit' button so that the Island Health Communicable Disease Program receives the report.

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SD #61: Greater Victoria

SD #62: Sooke
SD #63: Saanich
SD #64: Gulf Islands
SD #68: Nanaimo/Ladysmith
SD #69: Qualicum
SD #70: Alberni
SD #71: Comox Valley
SD #72: Campbell River
SD #79: Cowichan Valley
SD #84: Vancouver Island West
SD #85: Vancouver Island North